Thank you for visiting my site, Andrea Speaks Out.

For over ten years, I have spoken out to educate people about the troubling epidemic of educator sexual abuse. I have traveled throughout the country, speaking at high schools, universities, talk shows and live news programs to be a voice for the silenced victims. With the ability to have an online presence and access to social media, I’m finding that my voice can be amplified, and I can reach a greater number of people.

Why am I speaking out?

I was molested by my middle school teacher.

My teacher lured me into a false sense of trust and ultimate betrayal. I endured ten years of control, manipulation and abuse at the hands of a person who was admired by his students, peers, administrators and community.

Why is sharing my story so important to me?

No child should have their innocence stolen. By sharing my story, I have the ability to give a clear picture of how the prevalent epidemic of educator sexual abuse begins, progresses, and affects so many innocent lives. I want to shed light on the dynamics of educator sexual abuse so schools can be safe havens for every child.

Over the past several years, I turned my experience into a book entitled Invisible Target in the hope that telling my story could prevent future occurrences of educator sexual abuse.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that laws are created and enforced so that every educator receives annual training about educator sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

Throughout the pages of this site you can find out more about my book, my speaking engagements, and up to date information regarding educator sexual abuse. Please share a link to this site to help spread the word and help keep our children safe.