September 26

34% and going strong!

We are at day 4 of my Kickstarter campaign, and I am at 34% of my goal already! I am so grateful for all the support Invisible Target is receiving so quickly. Thank you so much to those of you who have already pledged to this campaign and chosen rewards. I am excited so many of you will receive a copy of the book, provided this campaign is successful!

I have had some confusion expressed to me about how Kickstarter works, so here is the simplest explanation I can come up with to share:

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site to help people raise money for their projects. When someone backs your project, they pledge to receive a reward (in my case, to get a copy of my book or some other fun reward they choose from). They will not get charged for their pledge unless I hit my $ goal. Kickstarter is all or nothing, which means if I reach or exceed my goal, I get the money and publish my book (yay!) and everyone gets their rewards fulfilled. If I do not reach my goal, I get none of the money, and none of the backers lose out on anything.

I’m including the link to my Kickstarter page again, praying that I reach this goal so I can get the book into the right hands and help keep kids safe in schools! I have 26 days left and am already at 34% of my goal, so it’s going amazingly well so far!  For those of you that have an interest in seeing this book get published, please check out the rewards on my page. and choose one. Please also share the page with others so we can raise awareness and meet this goal and get this book out there! Thanks a million everyone! On a mission!

Click here for Kickstarter

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