October 28

An expert weighs in…

Well, now that the excitement of this campaign has started to simmer down, I am about to gear up on the serious editing phase prior to getting Invisible Target out into the public. I have also reached out to experts in the field to review my manuscript and provide me with some feedback for the book. I am so happy to share with you all the first comments I received today.

Dr. Robert Shoop, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University, is a nationally recognized forensic expert in the area of legal issues, with a focus on sexual harassment and abuse prevention, employment law and risk management. He is the former director of the Cargill Center for Ethical Leadership, and founder of Kansas State University’s School of Leadership Studies. He has served as a forensic expert in over 100 educator abuse cases. Here is the feedback he has written for Invisible Target:

“Invisible Target is an important book. It is an honest and compelling memoir that takes the reader inside the mind of a young girl who was molested by her teacher and vividly describes the psychological and physical trauma she overcame to tell her story. It embodies the triumph of the human spirit.

In the past most targets of educator abuse have been unable to tell their stories. Some were convinced that they were at fault, that they will not be believed, or they were unable to talk about the horror they experienced. Andrea describes how her teacher groomed her, how the abuse began, and how she found the courage to share her story. Invisible Target will help other youngsters in similar situations know they are not alone.

Tragically, Andrea’s story is not an aberration. Hundreds of teachers are molesting hundreds of children on a daily basis in our nation’s schools. Although the topic is obviously very disturbing and disheartening, Andrea’s story is one of hope.”

I am so grateful to Dr. Shoop for spending his valuable time reading my manuscript and sharing his kind thoughts with me and with the world. I hope that his words will lend important credibility to Invisible Target, so that we may gain an even broader audience and raise greater awareness. Thanks again, everyone, for all your continued support. I’ll keep you posted!


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