January 3

New Feedback

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are ready for a fantastic 2015!

I’m excited to start the new year off with some positive feedback I received about Invisible Target. I asked John Seryak, vice president of S.E.S.A.M.E., if he would kindly review my manuscript and share with me some honest feedback that I could share with readers. His response overwhelmed me.

When I made the tough decision to write this book, the driving force was the desire to make a difference and prevent educator abuse from affecting so many students. The writing process was arduous, lengthy, and insecure most of the time. I had hope upon hope that I could effectively convey my story, but I never knew if this task at hand would be successful. John provided me with powerful feedback that Invisible Target may just hit that mark. I pray every day this this will be the case. Here are John’s words that I wanted to share:

Invisible Target is a compelling story from a very courageous woman, Andrea Clemens. This is a story of survival and victory over a great many adversities that came from people who held positions of sacred trust… the trust of caring for and protecting a child and later a young woman.

     Invisible Target cries out to be read. Andrea’s story gives every reader an intimate view into the epidemic of ESA – Educator Sexual Abuse. Andrea is not alone in her story. This story is one of thousands past, present, and regrettably, the future.

     It is a painful view – one that will cause the readers to cringe, especially classroom teachers. How is it possible that a state licensed teacher chooses to cross professional boundaries to ‘groom’, abuse and rape an innocent student?

     Andrea speaks to the reader about things ‘unspeakable’, but things all students, parents and educators should and need to hear. As it took great courage for Andrea to write her story, so it shall take courage to read this book. Being aware, acknowledging, and understanding ESA is the only way to prevent and stop it.

     As a life-long educator, veteran classroom teacher and vice-president of SESAME- Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation, I highly recommend Invisible Target to be read and discussed in every school community in the country. In doing so, many students can be protected from the heinous crimes of educators who prey on our children.

     Thank you, Andrea, for having such great courage to tells us your story.


John M. Seryak, M.Ed.

Vice-President – SESAME: Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation


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