March 17

Commentary from Terri Miller

I am often asked to address the double standard that is quite prevalent in some attitudes when a female teacher is arrested for abusing a male student. S.E.S.A.M.E. president Terri Miller made the following statement that moved me to share with others. When this headline recently hit the media, Terri had this to say:

“To Mr. Sean Patrick, I wonder; should girls who are raped by their teachers also keep their “stupid mouths” shut? Knowing you are in a classroom with someone’s children is scary. In my opinion, it’s attitudes like yours that perpetuate child sexual abuse in the education profession. You are a mandated reporter and I fear you would not make a report in the best interest of the child. What you should have said (in your way of speaking) is; you stupid f-ing teachers, when you hurt our students like this, you disgrace us all. Then you would have our respect and trust. For a good attitude adjustment go to:

The article in the following link contains profanity (just a little head’s up). Terri’s statement is yet another reminder of why she is my mentor and hero in so many ways. Thank you, Terri, for leading the way!


California Teachers Accused Of Sex With Students Hit With More Charges




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