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Invisible Target Now Available on Amazon

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Invisible Target Now Available on Amazon

Andrea Clemens’ book, describing her personal account of sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher is now available for purchase on

Clermont, FL, March 04, 2015 ­– Invisible Target is the true, detailed account of one girl’s experience of sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher. It follows her journey, beginning with her tumultuous childhood, meeting the teacher, and the grooming process he used to lure her into a false sense of trust and ultimate betrayal. After years of abuse and manipulation, she finally found the courage to bravely break away from her abuser.

With excerpts from newspaper articles and an actual court impact statement, this book gives the reader a clear picture of how the epidemic of educator sexual abuse begins, progresses, and impacts so many innocent lives.

Invisible Target is more than a memoir. With thought-provoking questions at the close of each chapter, this book serves as a strong educational tool for students, parents, teachers, and administrators by shedding light on the dynamics of educator sexual abuse so that school can be a safe haven for every child.

“Andrea Clemens has written a courageously honest book about her experience of being the target of a teacher sexual predator. She lets the reader see how predators work and shares the often contradictory emotions and responses that those who are abused experience. But more than that, she takes us through her journey of awareness, anger, and empowerment. We see how hard it is, and we see her triumph. Hers is not a rare story.” said Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D., Professor, School of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University. “What is rare is that Ms. Clemens is willing to tell it without holding back or simplifying the complexity of emotions and responses. This book can help students identify predators, parents to support their children, and educators to prevent abuse.”

By his or her senior year of high school, nearly one in ten students will experience some form of sexual misconduct by a school employee. Invisible Target aims to raise awareness of this epidemic and create open discussions in homes, schools, and communities across the nation.

“I’ve shared my story and spoken about educator sexual abuse for over ten years, and I feel blessed that I now have the opportunity to reach a larger audience with the release of Invisible Target,” explained Andrea Clemens. “This book needs to be in the hands of students, parents, teachers, and administrators, so that together we can keep our children safe.”

About Andrea Clemens: Andrea received her master’s degree from Boston University in clinical social work. She has been educating school faculty, students, administrators, parenting groups, mentors, and the general public about educator sexual abuse for over ten years. She has participated in both local and national radio, television, and news programs, and she has dedicated her life to sharing her story with others so that schools can provide the safe environments that students deserve.

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