August 22

Work to be done

I watched a story from my home state of Massachusetts today, and my heart grew heavy. Karen Anderson from Channel 5 in Boston investigated teachers’ licenses being revoked in the past 5 years. What she found was 142 educators had their licenses revoked, and over half (78) were due to sexual misconduct. This equates to an average of 15 teachers per year.

Many important points were addressed in this story. Massachusetts, right along with many other states, need laws in place such as the SESAME Act, where background checks are more stringent, passing the trash is forbidden, and criminal charges are possible regardless of the victim’s age. The teacher who abused me groomed me for two years. Just a few short weeks after my 16th birthday, he kissed me. The minute I turned 18 (while I was still a senior in high school) he committed an act that turns my stomach to this day. My point is, a student is vulnerable regardless of what age the government determines a teenager can consent to having sex. There is a boundary between student and teacher that absolutely should not be crossed, and age and gender should be irrelevant.

Click here for the 5 Investigates story

Posted August 22, 2015 by Andrea in category Latest News