February 9

Florida PTA Healthy Children, Healthy Future State Summit, February 2015

This weekend I had the honor and pleasure of representing KidSafe Foundation at the FLPTA Healthy Children, Healthy Future State Summit in Orlando, Florida. I met many PTA presidents and members of the Department of Education and Department of Health, all of whom are dedicated to making out kids’ lives  healthier and more successful. I was asked to share my story of educator abuse and cautionary advice, and I was very grateful for this opportunity. I have often been met with a fair amount of resistance in the past from school systems when discussing this issue. I am so impressed that the Florida PTA has embraced being open to discussing educator abuse so that we can all make these schools of ours safer environments for children to learn and grow.

I also had the new experience of moderating a panel discussion of working with vulnerable populations. The topics of sexual abuse, foster care, and sex trafficking were all addressed. The panelists were leaders in their fields, and I learned a great deal. Safety and prevention education seem to be absolutely key in addressing and diminishing these troubling, harsh realities.

I thought I would share one piece of information that somehow stopped me in my tracks. Kathy Williams, a foster parent recruiter, was asked what we could all do to make a difference in the lives of foster children. Her response? There is a huge need for suitcase donations. The kids have to sometimes move multiple times from foster home to foster home. Quite often, they shove all their belongings in a black trash bag. Kathy stated that a nice, normal suitcase can soften the process a bit. This broke my heart and made the foster care world so much more real for me. So, if any of you can donate a suitcase at some point, reach out to your local foster care system. Thank you!

PTA speech



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January 25

Finish Line in sight!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m excited to post a few updates for you all.

I received my final bit of feedback from my third expert tonight. I couldn’t be more honored to have Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D. review Invisible Target. Charol was responsible for conducting the synthesis of existing literature for the U.S. Department of Education on the incidence of educator sexual abuse in 2004. Most of the time, if you hear statistics about the prevalence of this epidemic, you are hearing quotes from Charol’s work. I wanted to share her feedback with you here:

“Andrea Clemens has written a courageously honest book about her experience of being the target of a teacher sexual predator.  She lets the reader see how predators work and shares the often contradictory emotions and responses that those who are abused experience.  But more than that, she takes us through her journey of awareness, anger, and empowerment.  We see how hard it is and we see her triumph.  Hers is not a rare story.  What is rare is that Ms Clemens is willing to tell it without holding back or simplifying the complexity of emotions and responses.  This book can help students identify predators, parents to support their children, and educators to prevent abuse.”

~Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D., Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Educational Leadership

I also had the pleasure of handing over my manuscript to Carol Benanti-Nowlin, who will be adapting this story into a screenplay. Thanks to my many Kickstarter supporters for making this possible. I’m really looking forward to working in conjunction with Carol to bring this important message to life.

And finally, after almost nine years, this evening I sumbitted my final edits, changes, prayers, you name it, to my editing team. Calling it “done” was one of the most unexpectedly emotional parts of this writing journey.

Here’s what you can expect: The team is now going to be working on the layout of the book. They will help determine the paragraph and page layout as well as the front and back cover layout. I’ve been told it should take at least three weeks. I’ll be approving pages and other things throughout the process.

The next step will be to send it all to a proofreader.  Once this step is completed, my team will help me establish everything on Amazon so that Invisible Target will be available to purchase. I will have a file that I send to my local printer, which should take about a week to print. My goal is to have everything completed by March 6th, but some of these components are out of my hands. I’ll keep you all posted as everything progresses.

None of this would have been possible without all of the generous support and belief in me and in this project from my Kickstarter supporters. I can honestly say this has been one of the most challenging endeavors of my life. I have true faith that it will be one of the most rewarding, as well. My gratitude for all of you is enormous. Have a great night, and I promise to check in soon!



Handing off my manuscript to Carol



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January 3

New Feedback

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are ready for a fantastic 2015!

I’m excited to start the new year off with some positive feedback I received about Invisible Target. I asked John Seryak, vice president of S.E.S.A.M.E., if he would kindly review my manuscript and share with me some honest feedback that I could share with readers. His response overwhelmed me.

When I made the tough decision to write this book, the driving force was the desire to make a difference and prevent educator abuse from affecting so many students. The writing process was arduous, lengthy, and insecure most of the time. I had hope upon hope that I could effectively convey my story, but I never knew if this task at hand would be successful. John provided me with powerful feedback that Invisible Target may just hit that mark. I pray every day this this will be the case. Here are John’s words that I wanted to share:

Invisible Target is a compelling story from a very courageous woman, Andrea Clemens. This is a story of survival and victory over a great many adversities that came from people who held positions of sacred trust… the trust of caring for and protecting a child and later a young woman.

     Invisible Target cries out to be read. Andrea’s story gives every reader an intimate view into the epidemic of ESA – Educator Sexual Abuse. Andrea is not alone in her story. This story is one of thousands past, present, and regrettably, the future.

     It is a painful view – one that will cause the readers to cringe, especially classroom teachers. How is it possible that a state licensed teacher chooses to cross professional boundaries to ‘groom’, abuse and rape an innocent student?

     Andrea speaks to the reader about things ‘unspeakable’, but things all students, parents and educators should and need to hear. As it took great courage for Andrea to write her story, so it shall take courage to read this book. Being aware, acknowledging, and understanding ESA is the only way to prevent and stop it.

     As a life-long educator, veteran classroom teacher and vice-president of SESAME- Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation, I highly recommend Invisible Target to be read and discussed in every school community in the country. In doing so, many students can be protected from the heinous crimes of educators who prey on our children.

     Thank you, Andrea, for having such great courage to tells us your story.


John M. Seryak, M.Ed.

Vice-President – SESAME: Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation


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October 28

An expert weighs in…

Well, now that the excitement of this campaign has started to simmer down, I am about to gear up on the serious editing phase prior to getting Invisible Target out into the public. I have also reached out to experts in the field to review my manuscript and provide me with some feedback for the book. I am so happy to share with you all the first comments I received today.

Dr. Robert Shoop, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University, is a nationally recognized forensic expert in the area of legal issues, with a focus on sexual harassment and abuse prevention, employment law and risk management. He is the former director of the Cargill Center for Ethical Leadership, and founder of Kansas State University’s School of Leadership Studies. He has served as a forensic expert in over 100 educator abuse cases. Here is the feedback he has written for Invisible Target:

“Invisible Target is an important book. It is an honest and compelling memoir that takes the reader inside the mind of a young girl who was molested by her teacher and vividly describes the psychological and physical trauma she overcame to tell her story. It embodies the triumph of the human spirit.

In the past most targets of educator abuse have been unable to tell their stories. Some were convinced that they were at fault, that they will not be believed, or they were unable to talk about the horror they experienced. Andrea describes how her teacher groomed her, how the abuse began, and how she found the courage to share her story. Invisible Target will help other youngsters in similar situations know they are not alone.

Tragically, Andrea’s story is not an aberration. Hundreds of teachers are molesting hundreds of children on a daily basis in our nation’s schools. Although the topic is obviously very disturbing and disheartening, Andrea’s story is one of hope.”

I am so grateful to Dr. Shoop for spending his valuable time reading my manuscript and sharing his kind thoughts with me and with the world. I hope that his words will lend important credibility to Invisible Target, so that we may gain an even broader audience and raise greater awareness. Thanks again, everyone, for all your continued support. I’ll keep you posted!


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October 15

Pennsylvania school districts stop “Passing the Trash”

I have been waiting and waiting to write this blog post for months, and the time has finally arrived. After years of SESAME’S tireless efforts and advocacy with Pennsylvania  Senator Williams, a major hurdle was overcome today. Please read below: news release

Sen. Williams’ Leadership Helps PA School Districts Stop ‘Passing the Trash’ 

HARRISBURG, Oct. 15, 2014 — Under state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams’ leadership, the House of Representatives today sent legislation to the governor’s desk that, if signed into law, would prevent schools from quietly transferring or hiring teachers, coaches and staff who have sexually exploited, abused or harassed students.” 

House Bill 1816, a proposal that started with Sen. Williams’ Senate Bill 46 in January 2013, won the lower chamber’s final approval this afternoon, 195-0.

“Too many of our daughters, sons, relatives and neighbors have fallen victim to teachers, coaches and administrators disguised as people our children could trust,” Sen. Williams said following the House vote. “We’re just one step away from closing a bad loophole in Pennsylvania law that has allowed educators to find employment elsewhere, despite their criminal past.” 

HB 1816 includes “passing the trash” language from Williams’ SB 46, as the senator amended the bill last week to include his proposal and move it to the governor’s doorstep.

Williams said school districts will have a much clearer picture of an applicant’s past under the new law. 

Before a school entity or independent contractor offers employment to someone who will have direct contact with children, they must receive:

·         A list, including name, address, telephone number and other relevant contact information of the applicant’s

·         The applicant’s current employer

·         All former employers that were school entities

·         All former employers where the applicant was employed in positions that involved direct contact with children

·         A written authorization from the applicant’s current and former employers 

Pertaining to applicants’ possible criminal past, the new law would require a written statement highlighting if he or she: 

·         Has been the subject of an abuse or sexual misconduct investigation by any employer, state licensing agency, law enforcement agency or child protective services agency

·         Has ever been disciplined, discharged, non-renewed or asked to resign from employment, resigned from or otherwise separated from any employment while allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct were pending or under investigation

·         Has ever had a license, professional license or certificate suspended, surrendered or revoked while allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct were pending or under investigation 

“Any teacher, coach or administrator who lies about their past can rest assured that you, one day, will be caught,” Williams said. “And, when you are caught and held to public scrutiny, you will lose your job, be denied employment and will be turned over to the police. 

“Our children go to school to learn, grow and become productive human beings; the friends, neighbors and community leaders who we look to to lead us forward.

“The adults they entrust to help them get to those pivotal moments in life should never be allowed to walk the halls of our schools and darken the dreams of innocent students. 

“This has been a long legislative journey. I am grateful for the help of so many Democrats and Republicans in both chambers to get us to this point, and I am looking forward to Gov. Corbett’s consideration and approval of this law so schools everywhere will be able to stop passing the trash,” Williams said.

Sen. Williams also thanked the president of the national SESAME group, Terri Miller; teacher abuse survivor and author Andrea Clemens; Dr. Chester Kent, a member of the SESAME Advisory Board and a former western PA school district superintendent; and Lebanon County District Attorney Dave Arnold, the secretary-treasurer the PA District Attorneys Association.


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October 14

8 days and counting…

There are a little over 8 days remaining in this Kickstarter campaign. With the generous support of so many, we have unlocked that first stretch goal, and now I can donate $1,000-worth of books to SESAME and KidSafe. I’m really excited that  this stretch goal was reached, because Invisible Target will now be available to many more people who can help protect children.

I’m thrilled to say that we are only $1,002 away from unlocking the 2nd stretch goal  – having Carol Benanti-Nowlin  adapt Invisible Target into a screenplay. Carol is an extremely talented writer who approaches everything with heart-felt honesty and passion. She placed in the top ten in Final Draft’s International Screenwriting Competition out of 3500 scripts! I will be incredibly honored to work with Carol on this project, and the possibility of a screenplay being adapted into an actual film is almost too much to take in. Think of how many people we could reach and raise awareness with a film.

The nice thing about this stretch goal is that anyone who pledges $15 or more will receive a copy of the screenplay as well as a digital copy of Invisible Target (as well as thank you’s on social media and on this website). So please…consider pledging before October 23rd, and share the Kickstarter link if you can. You never know who may need to learn more about this epidemic. Thank you very much everyone!

Kickstarter Project


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October 4

We did it!


We did it!  For all my beautiful backers, please enjoy this moment with me. We did it – we surpassed that goal in only 12 days. If this is not confirmation that Invisible Target needs to be out there helping to protect our children, I don’t know what is. I am so grateful and humbled by the amount of support I have received – I am running out of words to describe my feelings!

There are 16 days remaining in this campaign, so we’re not stopping here! I’ve created stretch goals where we can raise additional funds and gain a greater reach with this book. Click here to learn more about the stretch goals and the donation plans I have, as well as a little screenplay in the works…

Thank you so much, and please keep sharing this to raise awareness!!


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October 2

Kickstarter Update Video – 73%

I filmed an update video last night for my many amazing Kickstarter supporters. This early momentum is the most exhilarating experience I have encountered in a very long time. When you get this close to your dream, it’s pretty hard to focus on anything else. I wanted to express my gratitude to so many out there who have helped me achieve 73% of my goal in such a short time (and as of this writing, we are at 78%!). Please watch this video and share it with anyone who you think could benefit in any way from watching. So close!!!

Kickstarter Update Video

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