February 10

Montel Williams interview on media page

I have the media page up and running, and I was able to upload the video from my first television appearance. Well, technically it’s my second television appearance. My first TV appearance was on Romper Room when I was three…good times!

I apologize for the poor video quality of this piece. This was taken from a vhs tape which was converted to dvd. I may work on trying to obtain the original material, but since Montel no longer has his show, it may prove to be a bit difficult. I am just pleased to start this media page. My hope is to fill it with more videos, interviews, and appearances. The more I can speak out to folks willing to listen, the brighter our kids’ future can be.

I was exceedingly nervous appearing on the Montel show. I had just begun going public with my story, and I had very little experience discussing this personal topic in such a broad manner. All I knew was that I needed to do this. I trusted the process and prayed. I can say that Montel Williams was most impressive. He was taping multiple shows that day, and he had very few notes to follow as he taped our show. During commercial breaks, he would not interact with anyone. He simply looked at the floor, focusing on the upcoming segment. I found Montel to be a very professional and gracious man.

This television experience greatly helped me begin to hone my public speaking skills. I learned that with limited time, I need to get my points across in a concise and impactful way, something for which I was not quite prepared on the Montel show. Live and learn!

I just found the vhs tape of my appearance on a live interview for Fox News in 2005. As soon as I convert it to dvd, I will upload it here as well.

This has been an exciting and overwhelming week for me. The outpouring of support you all have provided me is truly inspiring and welcomed. Many of you have shared this website on your Facebook pages or simply told others about it. Thank you so much for doing this. The more awareness we can create about educator sexual abuse, the more we can prevent it.



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