June 25

2015 Healthy Schools Summer Academy, June 2015

I had the pleasure and honor to be a guest speaker this week at the 2015 Healthy Schools Summer Academy, hosted by the Florida Department of Education. Over 100 educators took time out of their valuable summer vacations to participate in workshops and lectures – all to bring more health and wellness to their students.

I shared my story of educator abuse and made a few suggestions on ways to keep our students safe in school. The most wonderful part of this conference for me included the many conversations I had with different participants. Some shared their own personal experiences, while others asked difficult questions concerning various scenarios they have encountered. It was clear to me that these educators are truly passionate about making a difference in their students’ lives, and that just warms my heart.

A well-deserved bravo and congratulations to Michelle Gaines and the rest of her team at the D.O.E. for organizing such a vibrant, informative conference. I also have to commend them for being willing to address the epidemic of educator sexual abuse in this manner. We will not combat this issue by keeping quiet and hoping it goes away on its own. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my experience with these important educators.

Raising awareness by sharing my story

Raising awareness by sharing my story

I always feel honored to sign my books and exchange thoughts and stories with people

I always feel honored to sign my books and exchange thoughts and stories with people

Michelle Gaines, health services coordinator for the state and a true friend!

Michelle Gaines, health services coordinator for the state and a true friend!

A quiet moment captured - I was taking in all of these awesome, caring educators, feeling extremely grateful in this moment. Blurry, but real~

A quiet moment captured – I was taking in all of these awesome, caring educators, feeling extremely grateful in this moment. Blurry, but real~

June 9

Upcoming interview on WOKB – June, 2015



I’m looking forward to talking with Tammy Green on her show “Let’s Talk About It with Tammy Green” on WOKB 1680 AM on June 30th at 1:00 pm. People can also listen to the show via a live stream at wokbradio.com . We’re going to discuss my book, Invisible Target, as well as other important issues of safety and prevention for our children. I admire shows that have the courage and willingness to address difficult topics such as educator sexual abuse. Awareness = prevention!

April 18

UCF Book Festival – April, 2015



I had a wonderful time today out at University of Central Florida’s Book Festival. The variety of conversations I had and the people I met were interesting, surprising, and validating. Some folks were shocked to here the sheer volume of cases which exist where educators are abusing students. Other visitors were thrilled to hear that people are attempting to combat this epidemic. As usual, I had quite a few people open up to me and share their own stories of abuse. I’m enjoying this new journey of sharing my book with others and connecting with others along the way. I continually pray that Invisible Target finds its way into the right hands of the many people who care about protecting children.

April 9

Barbara Walters interview with Mary Kay Letourneau

It has taken me all day to try to formulate my words and thoughts about this “article” and upcoming interview. The picture alone evoked such anger, sadness, and betrayal in me. SO many things are problematic in this article. How on earth does one use the term “affair” when an adult (ANY adult) has sex with a 13 year old child. How would the world be feeling if that woman who “had a relationship” with the boy were a married man “sleeping with” a barely adolescent girl? The double standard in this country makes me ill and is a severe injustice to all victims and survivors.

Barbara Walters

Link to article

March 17

Commentary from Terri Miller

I am often asked to address the double standard that is quite prevalent in some attitudes when a female teacher is arrested for abusing a male student. S.E.S.A.M.E. president Terri Miller made the following statement that moved me to share with others. When this headline recently hit the media, Terri had this to say:

“To Mr. Sean Patrick, I wonder; should girls who are raped by their teachers also keep their “stupid mouths” shut? Knowing you are in a classroom with someone’s children is scary. In my opinion, it’s attitudes like yours that perpetuate child sexual abuse in the education profession. You are a mandated reporter and I fear you would not make a report in the best interest of the child. What you should have said (in your way of speaking) is; you stupid f-ing teachers, when you hurt our students like this, you disgrace us all. Then you would have our respect and trust. For a good attitude adjustment go to: www.sesamenet.org

The article in the following link contains profanity (just a little head’s up). Terri’s statement is yet another reminder of why she is my mentor and hero in so many ways. Thank you, Terri, for leading the way!


California Teachers Accused Of Sex With Students Hit With More Charges




March 16

KidSafe’s “Shine the Light” Gala

On March 7th, I had the honor of being the guest speaker at KidSafe’s annual fundraising gala, and was it fabulous! There were 250 wonderful people in one room dedicated to raise funds to provide workshops, seminars, and trainings for kids pre-K through 5th grade, teachers, parents, and mentors. I was excited to donate 100 of my newly printed books to this event, and I got my first real taste of book-signing. It was an adventurous night, and I wanted to share some photos from the evening:


Cherie Benjoseph and Sally Berenzweig – the wonderful co-founders of KidSafe Foundation


Sharing my story, emphasizing why the KidSafe programs are so critical to our children and communities

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March 4

Invisible Target Now Available on Amazon

For Immediate Release

Invisible Target Now Available on Amazon

Andrea Clemens’ book, describing her personal account of sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Clermont, FL, March 04, 2015 ­– Invisible Target is the true, detailed account of one girl’s experience of sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher. It follows her journey, beginning with her tumultuous childhood, meeting the teacher, and the grooming process he used to lure her into a false sense of trust and ultimate betrayal. After years of abuse and manipulation, she finally found the courage to bravely break away from her abuser.

With excerpts from newspaper articles and an actual court impact statement, this book gives the reader a clear picture of how the epidemic of educator sexual abuse begins, progresses, and impacts so many innocent lives.

Invisible Target is more than a memoir. With thought-provoking questions at the close of each chapter, this book serves as a strong educational tool for students, parents, teachers, and administrators by shedding light on the dynamics of educator sexual abuse so that school can be a safe haven for every child.

“Andrea Clemens has written a courageously honest book about her experience of being the target of a teacher sexual predator. She lets the reader see how predators work and shares the often contradictory emotions and responses that those who are abused experience. But more than that, she takes us through her journey of awareness, anger, and empowerment. We see how hard it is, and we see her triumph. Hers is not a rare story.” said Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D., Professor, School of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University. “What is rare is that Ms. Clemens is willing to tell it without holding back or simplifying the complexity of emotions and responses. This book can help students identify predators, parents to support their children, and educators to prevent abuse.”

By his or her senior year of high school, nearly one in ten students will experience some form of sexual misconduct by a school employee. Invisible Target aims to raise awareness of this epidemic and create open discussions in homes, schools, and communities across the nation.

“I’ve shared my story and spoken about educator sexual abuse for over ten years, and I feel blessed that I now have the opportunity to reach a larger audience with the release of Invisible Target,” explained Andrea Clemens. “This book needs to be in the hands of students, parents, teachers, and administrators, so that together we can keep our children safe.”

About Andrea Clemens: Andrea received her master’s degree from Boston University in clinical social work. She has been educating school faculty, students, administrators, parenting groups, mentors, and the general public about educator sexual abuse for over ten years. She has participated in both local and national radio, television, and news programs, and she has dedicated her life to sharing her story with others so that schools can provide the safe environments that students deserve.

To order a copy of Invisible Target on Amazon, Click here: Amazon: Invisible Target 

For more information about Invisible Target, please visit: http://andreaspeaksout.com

Andrea is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact: andrea@andreaspeaksout.com

February 26

We have proof!


Today I held this book in my own hands – a dream come true for me! I haven’t yet found the words to describe the feeling – but I’m working on it. I gave my final approval on the proof copy, and 500 books are being printed during the next week. I should begin mailing them out to all my Kickstarter supporters the week of March 9th. I’m also thrilled to be donating 100 of them to KidSafe Foundation – just in time for their annual fundraising gala in Boca Raton, Florida.

I’m praying that Invisible Target finds its way into all the right hands. Soon I will be focusing on getting the message of this book out into the world. I know I have my work cut out for me, but I’m excited and more than ready to answer that call.

What a day!